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WEBM Looper

WebM looper makes it easy to loop WebM videos with just a few clicks. You can select the part of the video you want to loop and set the number of repetitions from 2 to 16. All popular video file formats are supported for processing. WebM looper is the easiest way to create a GIF-like effect from a WebM video. Try it now!

Loop Video

How to Loop WEBM files online?

  1. Open the WEBM file in the app

    Loop WebM in your browser on any device. “Open file” or drag and drop video from a mobile phone, tablet, etc. Wait for it to be uploaded - usually people loop short fragments up one minute long at most!

  2. Loop your WEBM

    With the WebM looping tool in your arsenal, it's easy to create a repetitive soundscape for any project. Choose an area on the timeline and go through these steps:1) Activate this feature by selecting it from the top menu bar;2) Specify how many repetitions you want (up 16x);3) Get creative with other tools available at Top Panel if needed like a video cutter, cropper, or resizer!

  3. Choose a format to encode

    Click on the gear icon to select your desired output format. The default MP4 will work well for web usage, so don’t worry about changing it unless you have another specific need or want something else entirely! Once completed encoding process should only take a few moments depending upon how fast your computer's processor runs (and if there are any errors).

  4. Save and continue your work

    It’s done! Click Save and now you have a high-quality WebM video that's yours to use wherever needed. Looping will increase its length, so make sure it fits your needs before publishing or using it online. The looping process can take some time if the file is large, but it is worth all of this work for us to get such an awesome result!

Why Choose Us

Free & Online

You can use our service for editing your footage online and for free without any catch and we offer unprecedentedly large files on a free plan. On our premium option, you get faster work, larger files, and 0 ads!


As you have seen, we offer powerful tools for looping WebM videos and other types of files. The quality of our output is always at the top. No matter what you loop, the output will be a WebM video of the same high quality as the input.

Fast Conversion

Our video processing servers are the answer to all your needs. With their powerful hardware, they can handle conversions quickly and efficiently so you don't have time for anything else!

Easy video looping UI

The WebM looper's interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, so you can do your video editing without having to worry about any complicated settings. You have access to all the tools necessary on one page which makes it easier than ever before!

Loop Large WebM Files

The web app can handle large files with ease. You can loop a video 16x the original length and up to 4 GB in our premium plan!


Your video data is for providing you with service only. We go through certifications and pass audits to ensure the safety of your videos, which we will upload onto our system after passing certification tests so that they can be used appropriately!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my WebM to loop?
There are a few steps you need to take to loop your WebM video: 1. Open the WebM file in the app. 2. Select the part of the video you want to loop. 3. Set the number of repetitions from 2 to 16. And you are ready to go!
How do I convert WebM to mp4?
Open the WebM file in the app, click on the gear icon to select MP4 as your output format, and hit “Save”. The conversion process should only take a few moments depending on the size of your file.
How can I loop WebM files for free?
You can use our WebM looping tool for free without any catch! We also offer a free trial of our premium plan which gives you access to faster work, larger files, and 0 ads.
Can WebM files be edited?
Yes, you can edit WebM files with our web app. We offer a variety of tools such as a video cutter, cropper, and resizer. You can also loop any part of the video from 2 to 16 times.
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