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Easily edit videos right in the browser

With modern technology, online video editing is not a fantasy anymore. Anybody can cut and edit personal footage or a simple commercial project on the Internet without downloading a single bit of conventional software for a video montage.It’s more than a fully working tool out of the box—there is simply no box, but the online video editor works and fulfills the demands of most users, from beginners to pros.The learning path is non-existent. Therefore, it works in the hands of a newbie for a quick project where one has an idea or a task on what to do with video, and needs a quick result. There is everything that’s needed for editing videos: cut, merge, crop, change the size, change speed, etc.

Video Editor

How to Edit a Video Online?

You can now edit videos online with a browser. upload your video and edit away! To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Upload a video

    To upload a file to the online editing service, click “Open file” or drag and drop the video from your device. The uploading may take up to 10 minutes depending on the file size and your network connection speed. We recommend that you start experimenting with shorter fragments first.

  2. Edit timeline

    Add more videos to the timeline, duplicate existing videos, use multiple timeline lanes and adjust the length of the video fragments. There’s no limitation on the number of video clips and many cuts you can make with this powerful and free online video editor.

  3. Make necessary edits

    Use a wide variety of editing tools to implement your idea into life. Crop the frame to the size you need. Rotate by 90 degrees or any other value using a respective handle or a slider. Flip horizontally and vertically. Align it to fit or fill the canvas.

  4. Download or share online

    Click the gear icon to select the canvas size, background color, etc. When it’s done, click Save, and select a video that suits your needs. It’ll download a high-quality edited video with no watermarks, ready for publishing online.

Create Great Content for Media Platforms in Our Video Editor

Using the online video editing tool helps you process the video content easily on your own without any complications. For the first time in computer history, you can skip writing numerous tasks and commenting on someone else’s work and just do all the necessary video edits yourself.

The developers of the 123apps online video editor are constantly working on adding new features and improving the existing capabilities to make the tool easier to use. The publishing features are powerful and versatile to suit the requirements of professional video editors and content creators.

Why Choose Us

We are free!

It’s free in both meanings: no money is involved, and the platform is always free to process your video. Just upload, edit, and download the resultant files back. You can access more features in a premium version by paying a small monthly subscription!

Simple Design

The system designers pay a lot of effort into making the online video processing studio as simple as possible. Video editing UX is smooth, efficient, and fast.

No Account Required

Surprisingly, it’s not required to create an account before editing the videos. We don’t need user data to process videos if it doesn’t violate the law.

Fast Conversion

The conversion on our servers is lightning-fast. The workload on servers is well-balanced and while you make edits, our servers already pre-process your timeline.

Supports Any Video Format

There’s no popular video format that’s been used in the past 30 years that cannot be processed by the tool. Read the full list in the FAQ section of the website.

Edit Large Videos

When it comes to uploading larger files, the sky's the limit. Don’t hesitate to upload a one-hour-long webinar to cut unnecessary parts or make some edits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your video editor free?
Yes, the video editor online tool is free and it will forever be. Of course, there are some options to download a video in HD resolutions that are behind the paywall, but all videos that output up to 780p are free to be saved.
What type of formats can I edit in your online video editor?
There’s no popular video format that’s been used in the past 30 years that cannot be processed by the tool. There are more than 30 popular codecs and video containers that can be uploaded as source videos to the platform. For example, files like MPEG, MOV, WMV, MP4, and others can be uploaded and edited by the tool.
Is it better to edit videos online?
For most beginner and intermediate tasks editing videos online is preferable. The main takeaway is that you don’t need to download any software on your computer and follow the steep learning path to do even simple cuts and basic operations.
Which browsers does your online editor work in?
This Online Video Editor works in all modern browsers. Desktop examples are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. On mobile devices, it works best in Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android but is not limited to this list.
Do you have a watermark on the videos after editing?
We don’t put any watermarks, video, or audio. Your source video is yours and the edited video is yours forever.
How long till I get a final version of the edited video?
After you finish editing the video online, it needs to be processed on the server and downloaded to your computer as a single file. This process mostly depends on the size of the final video. The number of edits doesn’t matter that much because our servers process even complex projects reliably fast.
Why should I choose your video editor?
There’s no other video editing platform that offers that many options without asking you to create an account or a paid subscription. Another benefit is the versatility of video formats, our platform converts any format with flexible settings into any other format, video, and audio.
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