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Get rid of the logos and watermarks in a couple of clicks

When creating content, you sometimes come across situations where you need to remove a logo from a video that you downloaded or recorded. Doing it yourself is very easy: you just need to upload your video to our online tool and in just a couple of clicks you can remove watermarks, blur logos, dates, and anything that seems superfluous or unnecessary. The platform supports a wide variety of media codecs, and file formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV and others, and has a zero-entry threshold, which is very convenient.

Remove Logo from Video

How to remove a watermark from a video?

Using this online video editor you can blur logos, watermarks, dates and text. Follow these instructions to create your unique video.

  1. Upload video

    Open your file or drag the video onto the platform. Choose which logo you need to blur or remove.

  2. Blur the logo

    If you need to see a video watermark blurred, you need to select the area with the logo and choose the blurring tool.

  3. Remove the logo

    To remove a watermark from a video you need to frame the whole video. Choose the crop tool and select the area that you want to leave without the watermark. After you click "Apply", you will have your video cropped a little, but there will be no logo.

  4. Think about other tools

    If you need to add audio, text, or overlay pictures, you can also do it within our online video editing software. Pick a tool and create stunning videos.

  5. Choose a format

    Click on the gear icon next to Save to see the export settings. MP4 works for the web by default. For other special needs, you have more than 30 different formats in our video editor.

  6. Save and continue your work

    Now you can download the video. Save it in your device’s memory or share it on social media. After that, you may continue your video editing using other tools.

Why Choose Us

File Security

When you upload any video to our service, editing is a completely automatic process, without the participation of intermediaries, which makes the whole process absolutely safe. All of our services comply with US and EU data protection standards.

Ease of Use

The user interface is intuitive and you can easily adapt it to use any tool.

Powerful Tool

You can feel the power of our servers that process and transcode video to another format in seconds.

Nothing to Install

Our video editing tool is very fast and responsive, and most importantly, you don't need to download anything to your computer: everything is available online.

Free to Use

Every video editing tool is free to use. Work with every known video format in any tool you want for free with files up to 500 MB! You can work with large after buying a subscription.

Remove logos in two clicks

The service does not have any hidden tricks, such as marketing messages in your inbox. There is no registration either: just upload a video, remove video watermarks, add texts or audios, combine, get the result, and repeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a logo from a video?
The watermark remover works the following way: download your video, choose the crop tool, and select the area that needs to stay, so the other part with the logo will be deleted.
Can I remove a watermark from a video online?
Yes, you can erase any video watermark, logo or picture online and absolutely for free using this video editing tool.
How can I cover a logo in a video?
If you want to cover the logo on your video with another logo, click “Add file” and overlay your logo picture onto the original video watermark. If you need to blur the existing logo, select the area containing it and choose the blurring tool.
Can I share video files after removing logos?
Yes, you can share your video on any platform after you use the watermark remover option (or any other one) and save your edit.
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