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Stabilize shaky video footage like a pro!

This online tool allows you to stabilize your shaky footage shot with any camera resolution settings, such as a GoPro drone or an iPhone mobile phone. With us, you can stabilize your videos with a couple of clicks: it's easy, quick and totally free: there is no need to pay for the service or download it onto your device. The online video stabilizer has more than 30 different video codecs, which means it supports almost all existing formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM, WMV and others.

Stabilize Video

How to stabilize video online?

Open Video Stabilizer in your browser on any device. Choose the video to be stabilized and do the following steps:

  1. Upload a video

    You need to upload a shaking video that needs to be stabilized by clicking on the "Open file" button. Drag your video into the field on the screen. Uploading will take some time (up to 10 minutes), depending on the size of the original video file and the upload speed of your internet connection.

  2. Select area to stabilize on the timeline

    Activate the stabilizing tool and select the area on the timeline. Click on the "Play" button to see what the stabilized video looks like.

  3. Think about other tools to use

    If you need to have other things corrected in your video besides stabilizing, you might think about cropping, cutting, looping and many other tools that you can find using our video editing app.

  4. Choose a format for export

    Select the output format by clicking on the gear icon. MP4 is the default format, but you can also pick any kind that you consider to be more suitable for downloading.

  5. Export the video

    When you're finished, click Save. It will take a few minutes to export the video on your device, depending on the quality and the duration of the video.

Stabilize your video and save your content

Video stabilization programs allow you to remove the effect of camera shake from captured videos, which can then be used on social networks, for advertising your new product, in a project presentation, or for personal purposes, such as a video from a vacation. Stabilized videos are always better perceived by the viewer because they look smooth and get positive feedback.

Stabilize any video yourself

To get a perfectly stabilized video, you can also use a portable stabilizer to set your camera on during recording. This, in combination with Online Video Stabilizer, will work perfectly.

Why Choose Us

Extreme Security

We provide all the necessary security measures so that none of your data will ever end up anywhere except where you want it. All of our services comply with US and EU data protection regulations.

Great Interface

The user interface is built around the timeline and video viewer with only the bare essentials in the form of buttons. Easily crop video, overlay text, and stabilize without leaving the site.

Stabilize videos in seconds

We have studied all the most popular video editing tools and created this video editing platform, which lets you save time, resources and energy on editing and spend it on shooting new videos instead.

Online Tool

Our online tool doesn't need to be downloaded to your device, and you don't need to worry about watermarks, or paying money, because this tool is absolutely free on a basic level. However, it has got a paid extension if you want to use it to the fullest.

Blazing Fast

Our online servers far surpass PCs in processing power, so all your videos will be converted and edited in an instant.

Works with any format

This video editor includes a selection of over 30 popular video formats that have been in active use over the past few decades, including MPEG, MOV, WMV, and many more

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