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Text to Speech

With this text to speech online tool you will get access to realistic voice overs in no time. Send text and download the generated audio track to insert it into your video or presentation using the other Video Merger tool we create. Our TTS online offers an impressive choice of text to speech voices, multiple languages and accents. The generated speech sounds natural, human-like and doesn’t resemble a robotic voice that might avert potential audiences from watching your videos. This approach will help you deliver your idea without a hassle, no money and very little time spent on dealing with voice over actors.

Text to Speech

How to translate text to speech?

In just a few clicks or taps you can turn your script into a human-sounding voice over with our text to speech synthesis technology. The resultant file is ready to download for you to use it in your videos, presentations or other projects.

  1. Get your script handy

    Prepare the script and convert text into a voiceover. It might be a regular .txt, or .docx file or just a note on your mobile device. Make sure the punctuation is correct and you separate paragraphs and sentences.

  2. Paste it

    Copy and paste plain text or write text right in the text box on the website. You’ll be able to narrate a video for your sales department or a marketing campaign. Edit text anytime and generate again as many times as you want.

  3. Generate preview and listen

    Adjust the reading speed and other settings to your liking and click Generate to get natural sounding voices for your audio narration. Listen to the result and see as soon as it’s ready by clicking the play button.

  4. Download and use

    After a short time, you’ll see the Download button. Click on it to download the audio in any preferable format, such as .mp3 or .ogg for online videos. Insert it as a separate audio track to the video you want to narrate using our online Video Merger.,

Make a Use of Our Online Text to Speech Tool!

Get the best result with our text to speech online tool to narrate all your videos professionally without a penny spent. With the power of an online text-to-speech tool, you can transform your written content into captivating audio that will captivate your audience. Imagine having an online screen recorder that effortlessly captures and records activities on your computer screen. With features like a trimmer, video merger, and audio editor, you can enhance your recordings. Trim out unwanted footage, merge multiple videos seamlessly, and add music and sounds to create professional-looking videos.

Why Choose Us


The tool is free for using by anybody for any commercial-ready purpose. No watermarks and other restrictions that would draw you from using our tool anytime in the future.

Fast Conversion online

The conversion is done online on our servers, no computer capacity is required on your end for this task. Therefore, the voice generation is blazing-fast for any text length.

Beginner friendly

This tool does text to speech and it does it well with only settings you need, no more. Copy text, adjust settings, and choose an output audio format. No need to learn the ropes, go right into production.

Any format you can think of

The text to speech generator online offers various languages and a plethora of audio formats. You can choose from any popular audio format you can hear, mp3, m4a, wav, ogg, FLAC and many others.

Built-in video editor

Discover the convenience of our all-in-one tool, equipped with a built-in video editor that enables effortless video trimming, text addition, volume adjustment, and more.


Rest assured knowing that our website prioritizes your privacy and security by utilizing secure servers and encrypting all data, safeguarding the confidentiality of your valuable screen recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use text-to-speech online?
Voice Over actors are expensive and sometimes they are hard to work with. Doing it yourself, in other words reading the text on a microphone without special training and expensive equipment and an environment will also lead you nowhere.
How can I get text-to-speech for free?
There are many paid text-to-speech tools that offer many features, different languages and accents and there is a free Google Translate that virtually can narrate text. Our free text to speech solution is a huge step up from other free tools like Google Translate because it lets you download an audio file and gives more flexibility on how you would like your voiceover to sound.
Which language your text to speech tool works with?
Most demand for voice overs is in English anyway. Spanish, and other European languages, such as German, French, Italian are also included. Our TTS online tool covers X+ popular languages. Let us know if the language you need is not on the list and we will try to include it in one of the upcoming releases.
Can I use it on my smartphone?
It’s platform independent, so you can generate voice overs based on the written text using a wide variety of devices, covering all PCs, macs, tablets and smartphones. Just have your text file for the TTS generator, copy and paste it on the website and get an audio track that you can download.,
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