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Easily enhance your final cuts with our user-friendly online Twitch video editor. No need for tech expertise—whether you're a beginner or seasoned streamer, create polished content effortlessly. Upload, edit, and share in minutes. No watermarks, no fuss. Free to use with optional premium features. Join thousands editing their Twitch videos. Try it now and level up your streaming game!

Video Editor

How to Edit Twitch Videos Online?

  1. Upload a video

    To add your Twitch content, either click 'Open file' or drag and drop from your device. Upload times vary (up to 10 mins) based on file size and network speed. Start with shorter fragments for quick experimentation.

  2. Edit timeline

    Add videos, duplicate, and adjust lengths with no limits. Our user-friendly Twitch editor supports multiple clips and cuts for seamless timeline adjustments.

  3. Make necessary edits

    Crop, rotate, and flip with a variety of tools. Adjust frame sizes, rotate at any angle, and align for a perfect fit or full canvas coverage.

  4. Download or share online

    Select canvas size, background color, etc. Click Save, choose your preferred video, and download a watermark-free, high-quality edited Twitch video. Ready for hassle-free online sharing.

Why Choose Us

We are free!

Enjoy cost-free Twitch video editing—no fees involved, ever. Upload, edit, and download without spending a dime. Unlock additional features with a pocket-friendly premium subscription.

Simple Design

Our commitment to simplicity ensures a smooth, efficient, and fast video editing experience. Navigate effortlessly through our user-friendly design, creating captivating Twitch content with ease.

No Account Required

Experience hassle-free editing without the need for an account. We prioritize privacy, processing videos without unnecessary user data, and adhering to legal requirements.

Fast Conversion

Benefit from lightning-fast conversion on our servers. While you edit, our servers seamlessly pre-process your timeline, ensuring a well-balanced and swift video editing experience.

Supports Any Video Format

Embrace versatility with support for over 30 popular video formats used in the past 30 years. Check our FAQ section for the complete list and ensure compatibility with your preferred format.

Edit Large Videos

No restrictions on size! Effortlessly upload and edit lengthy Twitch content—trimming hour-long webinars or making necessary edits to large videos has never been more convenient. The possibilities are limitless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Twitch Video Editor completely free to use?
Absolutely, no charge! You can utilize our Twitch Video Editor without any financial obligation. Additional features are available through a modest monthly subscription, but the basic editing functionality is completely free.
Do I need to create an account to edit my Twitch videos?
No, you don’t need to create an account. You can start editing your Twitch videos immediately without providing personal information. We prioritize user privacy and only process data in compliance with the law.
How fast is the video conversion process on your servers?
Our servers boast lightning-fast conversion. While you make edits, our servers efficiently pre-process your timeline in the background, ensuring a swift and seamless editing experience.
Are there limitations on the size of videos I can edit?
Feel free to upload and edit large videos (up to 4 GB), whether it's an hour-long webinar or extensive content. Our tool can handle it well.
Which video formats are supported by the Twitch Video Editor?
The editor supports a wide range of formats used in the past 30 years, including MPEG, MOV, WMV, MP4, and more. Check our FAQ section for the complete list to ensure compatibility.
Is there any watermark on the edited videos?
No, there are no watermarks on your edited videos. Your source video remains yours, and the edited version is free of any watermarks, ready for seamless online sharing.
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