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AVI Looper

AVI looper is a simple, easy-to-use video loop app for creating short videos and sharing them on social media. It's the perfect tool for creating shareable content and getting more followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform. And it's super easy to use - just select a video from your gallery and start looping! To start a project, just open the app and select which AVI file you want to loop. You can speed up, slow down, or pause your video as needed to create a professional-quality finished product

Loop Video

How to Loop AVI files online?

  1. Open the AVI file in the app

    When you click Open File, it will take some time for uploading, usually up to 10 minutes depending on the size and length of the file! It only takes seconds to view short videos, however, so do not worry!

  2. Loop AVI

    Select an area on the timeline, and use the loop button to repeat it. You can select how many times you want it repeated with no pauses in between (the app can loop AVI files up to x16 times!). Feel free to use our other tools for editing.

  3. Choose a format to encode

    You can choose what format to output your video in by clicking on the gear icon. MP4 is a good default video format for web videos, but if you need something different, feel free to change it.

  4. Save and continue your work

    Once you're done, just click "Save" and we'll do the encoding for you! It should only take a few seconds. You won't need to fight over who gets credit for writing the content since posts will be completely watermark-free. That means you can upload it to whichever website or platform you want. The video length will increase the file size but animating a short video will reduce the file size - make sure you animate the whole video so that it loops perfectly

Why Choose Us

Free & Online

There is no software to install. With AVI Looper, you can create and loop avi videos in the browser in seconds. There is nothing to download, all tools work online only! Buy our premium plan to work with larger files ad-free!

Fast Conversion

Your media conversion servers are ready at the click of a button for you to share and enjoy. Upload your files and get the highest quality without any interruptions - it's that simple!

Easy video looping UI

Our app interface is as easy to use as it gets - it's right on the business side of things and provides all the necessary tools. It's designed to be user-friendly and friendly enough to be used by non-tech people.

Loop Large AVI Files

AVI Looper lets you loop any AVI file of any size. You can use the app if the file is short or long, or if the file is too big and you won't be able to upload it somewhere else. The app accommodates AVI files up to 4 GBs in size in our premium plan.


We'll protect your data with dedication, care, and attention. We're committed to your personal information. We take this responsibility very seriously and want you to be in control. For this reason, we go through a rigorous compliance process every year and are adamant about following all relevant privacy laws. This ensures that you will be safe while using our service while we maintain the same high level of quality that our customers love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you edit AVI files?
Yes! Video editor AVI Looper is a full-featured video editor. You can cut, trim, and split your videos before playing them in a loop. You can also add text, images, and watermarks if you want it.
Is AVI Looper safe?
We have many measures in place to ensure the safety and security of your data. Our top priority is making sure you have control over where we store this information on our servers - AVI Looper undergoes rigorous certification procedures.
Is AVI better than MP4?
AVI and MP4 are both video formats that differ in their encoding capabilities. AVI is a lot more flexible since it can include an unlimited number of audio, video, and subtitle tracks. MP4 is usually used less often than AVI, but files in this format are often of better quality.
How do I convert AVI to mp4?
AVI Looper can convert AVI to MP4 in one click. Just upload your AVI files and choose MP4 as the output format. The app will automatically convert your AVI files to MP4.
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