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Trim MOV Files Online

Our online MOV video cutter is an efficient tool with an intuitive interface that will help you trim your MOV files in a click and without losing quality. It is a web application, which means there is no need to download and install any desktop software. You can enter the browser from any device and cut, edit, or convert your videos with ease.

Trim Video

How to cut MOV files online?

Our instrument is online, free, and easy to use. All you need to do to cut MOV files is the following.

  1. Open the MOV video file in the app

    You can upload video files either from your computer or from Google Drive and Dropbox. If your footage is located on the website you can paste its URL. Click on the “Open file” button and choose the most suitable option.

  2. Edit, trim or cut your video

    Once your MOV video is on the timeline, drag the beginning and the end of the clip until you reach the desired outcome. For high accuracy, you can also use two buttons in the left-hand corner to move the slider second by second. The “Play” button allows you to preview the final result before saving it.

  3. Choose the file format

    Our online video cutter can work as a converter as well. Before saving the video clip you can choose the preferred file format. Apart from MOV, it can be MP4 and MKV.

  4. Save your trimmed video

    Once you decided on the video format, press “Save”. As soon as the encoding is finished, the file will be exported to your computer. If you are still not satisfied with the final clip, it’s possible to press “Back” and return to video editing without starting from scratch.

Not Only a MOV Cutter!

There are many cases when video content can sharpen your competitive edge:

  • Brand promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Community building
  • Product showcasing
  • Presentations and advertisements

Our online tool is not only about trimming the footage. Once you opened the file in the workspace, you can use various editing instruments. Apart from cutting, you can rotate, crop, flip, convert your clips, add text to them, and much more. Our tool will help you make the video you want without spending much time and effort!

Why Choose Us

Free online

Our tool is free, which means you don’t need to pay anything to save the videos you were editing. Moreover, it’s a web app, so you don’t have to install any extra software on your desktop.


Online MOV video cutter is an efficient tool with an intuitive interface. It’s not necessary to have any video editing skills or experience to get started with it!


Our video trimmer has a great variety of useful and powerful features that will help you achieve the result you want in the shortest time possible. Get started and enjoy your editing experience!

Fast Conversion

Convert your videos into MP4 file format within a second. There are no complicated settings and our video processing servers are designed for this job.

High Security

Our platform is 100% safe. We guarantee your personal information protection. Noone except you is going to get access to the files you upload.

Trim Large Video Files

Our tool allows you comfortably work with any video format up to 4 GB online, and soon the file size will be bigger!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trim MOV videos?
You can easily trim MOV videos in our free online app. All you need to do is to upload the necessary video, trim it, and save it. It won’t take you more than a couple of seconds!
Will I lose video quality after the edit?
You can edit and save your footage without losing the quality. Our tool will allow you to avoid the steep learning curve of desktop applications while letting you benefit from the high quality of the final result.
Can I trim large MOV video files?
With our tool, you can trim an entire movie. You can use all your creativity to edit both short and long videos. The file size limit is set to 4 GB.
How long till I get a final version of the MOV video file?
Everything can be done within some seconds. Upload your file, cut it to the preferred length, and save it. Our app can boast of user-friendly interface and intuitive design, therefore, no experience or video editing skills are necessary.
Can I share edited MOVs?
Our application is free. You can download your edited files and share them without any limitations. MOV trimmer is a perfect tool to create a video masterpiece!
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