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Editing a video file can be a headache when you have to deal with the software on your computer. It takes disk space, slows down your PC’s operational speed and may not be compatible with the MKV format. Luckily, there’s no need to download and install an MKV cutter - our instruments are always at your fingertips. Cut your MKV files online: it’s faster and easier thanks to our intuitive interface and a rich stack of tools. All it takes is to upload an MKV video and dedicate a few minutes to exploring all the buttons. You can cut and loop videos, crop images, add subtitles and so much more - all in a few clicks.

Trim Video

How to trim MKV files online?

You can do it with any device via a browser. Prepare your files and follow the instructions.

  1. Upload a video

    Open the Video Cutter in your web browser using your PC, phone or tablet. Click ‘Open file’ and choose the video: drag or select it in a folder. It will take a few minutes (up to 10 min.) for your file to fully upload. Short videos are processed within a few seconds.

  2. Select the timeline and fragments to cut

    Once you proceed to the working interface, choose the fragment you want to delete - select this timeline and click the ‘Cut’ button (it’s located in the left sidebar). You can make as many cuts as needed, and these fragments can be inserted in other parts of your video, too. Feel free to use all other editor tools on the panel. Add text, overlays, effects and create a masterpiece.

  3. Choose the encoding format

    Since MKV files are not supported by Mac and many players, you can choose the default MP4 format that’s well-suited for use on the web. It can be opened on your phone, uploaded to social media, and so on. Other video formats are available, too.

  4. Save your file and use it

    Once you’re done editing your video, click “Save”, and the result will be automatically downloaded on your device. Don’t worry about the quality of the video, it won’t be impacted. No watermarks - it’s ready to be used and published. The only thing you should mind is that the size of the resulting file will depend on the video timeline and effects added.

More than an MKV Cutter!

There are many cases when video content can sharpen your competitive edge:

  • Brand promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Community building
  • Product showcasing
  • Presentations and advertisements

No matter what you need video files for, you can easily cut MKV and edit them using our cutter. Even without previous experience and skills, you can be a video wizard with our super-intuitive interface - just upload the file and use our tools. You can loop, rotate and flip your MKV without even googling how to do it. With our platform, you get all video editing tools in one place.

Save time for more important things - our platform will take care of your content. With our video cutter, you can edit short and long videos and save them in a convenient format.

Why Choose Us

Free online

No need to buy and download software - all useful instruments are at your fingertips and won’t take much of your device’s resources. Deal with video tracks of any size and duration.

Simple Interface

All tools are gathered in the sidebar - you don’t have to search for them. Trim an MKV, add subtitles, effects and pictures. Enjoy the freedom of creation!


Want to trim MKV that takes over 1 Gb of disk space? No problem. MKV Cutter supports unprecedently large files without slowing down your computer.

No spam

We don’t exploit the data and files uploaded by users. If you use personal credentials for registering, rest assured: you won’t receive spam.

Work with Large Video Files

How about cutting the whole movie? MKV Cutter will meet this challenge for you. It can process gigabytes of files without overloading your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cut MKV files?
Do it with a free online MKV Cutter. Upload your file, open the dashboard and find the ‘Cut’ tool. Trim video and download it in a convenient format.
What is an MKV file used for?
This format is typically used for storing short video files, movies and TV shows. However, it’s not suitable for watching since many programs don’t support MKV.
How can I cut MKV files for free?
Yes, do it online with our MKV cutter. Open it in your browser, upload your video and trim it right in the dashboard.
Can MKV files be edited?
With MKV Cutter, you can work with your MKV file in any preferable way: cut, add sounds and effects, use overlays and so on.
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