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WMV Joiner

If you have several WMV you want to combine, our WMV joiner is what you were looking for. You can join WMV files right in your browser without installing any additional software. Choose video files, add to our platform from Google Drive, Dropbox or just paste the URL, and start working. No matter which operating system you're using - Windows, Mac OS, or Linux - you can join your WMV files easily with our platform.

Merge Videos

How to join WMV online?

  1. Upload WMV files.

    First, you have to upload video files. Click “Open files” and add WMV files that you want to join.

  2. Merge WMV files.

    After downloading MKV files, you will see them on the timeline to see your videos. You can rearrange the order of MKV video files in the merge to combine them together in a different order. You can also use our other free editing tools for a better edit.

  3. Choose a format to encode.

    After WMV joiner, you can select a video format to encode. Currently, we support all of the popular video file formats and you can choose any of them.

  4. Save and continue your work

    WMV joiner will save your WMV files as a new file. You can now continue working with other tools, share the edited result on social media or download it back on your computer.

Why Choose Us

Free to Use

WMV joiner is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or fees. You can buy our premium account to get more options and opportunities.

Simple and Easy to Use

Our WMV joiner is simple and easy to use. Just add your WMV files and merge them however you like on the timeline button.

Fast and Efficient

Our WMV joiner is fast and efficient. It can quickly merge your WMV files together.

Supported formats

The WMV joiner supports all of the popular formats so you could work with anything you like. You can join WMV files together and save as it a new file encode to MP4.

Safe and Secure

Your WMV files are safe with us. We use the latest security technologies to protect all of the uploaded files on our platform.

Powerful and Reliable

Our servers have more computing power and space for editing videos than your desktop. Your videos are converted quickly and you edit with high resolution.

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