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Combine AVI Files

If you have several AVI you want to combine, our AVI merger will come in handy. You can combine AVI files right in your browser without installing any additional software. Choose clips, add to our platform from Google Drive, Dropbox or just paste the URL, and start working. No matter which operating system you're using - Windows, Mac OS, or Linux - you can join your AVI files easily with our app.

Merge Videos

How to merge AVI online?

Now we will show you how to join AVI online.

  1. Upload AVI files

    Select one or more AVI files to join together, and drag and drop them onto the open area.

  2. Merge AVI files

    Click the "Merge" button to start joining your AVI files together.

  3. Choose a format to encode

    After our AVI files merged together, you can choose to encode them in a certain format. This can be useful if you want to convert your AVI files into another file format or change their codecs. Our software supports all popular video formats including MP4, FLV, WEBM and a lot more. Click the "Encode" button to start encoding your AVI files. The encoded file will be online in your browser.

  4. Save and continue your work

    After you joined AVI files, you can save the work and continue editing it later. Just click the "Save" button, and your work will be saved. You can then access it by clicking the "Load" button, or by entering the URL of the edited file.

Why Choose Us

Easy to use

Just add AVI files and click "Join Now", our tool will finish joining AVI files together in a few seconds.

No quality loss

Our editor preserves the original quality of AVI files when joining them together.

Fast speed

Our software is very fast, it can finish combining AVI files together almost instantly.

Free to use

AVI joiner is a free online tool, you can use it to merge AVI files together without any charge. To access more advanced features, buy the premium version of our tool for an affordable price!


Your AVI files will be uploaded over a secure connection and deleted automatically 24 hours after it is done. No one has access to your files.

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