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Do you want to create musical GIFs to impress your friends on social media? With our free online tool “Add Audio to GIF” you can now add music and sound effects to your GIFs easily. Whether you're creating a GIF from a video or simply uploading a pre-made GIF, our tool allows you to add an audio track to your GIF files. Additionally, you can fine-tune the audio waveform and add text and images to your timeline to create a new video that can be saved and shared across multiple platforms.

Add Audio to Video

How to put music over a GIF

Add audio to GIF in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your GIF

    Open the tool on your computer or smartphone and either drag and drop your GIF file or click the "Add" button to upload it

  2. Add audio to GIF

    Select an audio file and add it as a separate track. Crop the audio and adjust the volume by clicking on "Sound." You can also detach the audio from your original video file. Add sounds, audio, or music to a GIF.

  3. Choose a format to encode

    Click the gear icon next to the Save button to access the encoding options. Please keep in mind that once the music has been added, the video may take some time to fully process.

  4. Save and continue

    Save your newly created video with audio as a single file. Download it or share it on other social media platforms, or continue editing with other tools such as Add Text or Loop Video.,

Want to make your content more engaging? Add music to the GIF!

With just a few clicks, you can easily add music or audio to your animated GIF online. This user-friendly tool allows you to add sound effects, music tracks, and even a voiceover to your GIF files, making them more engaging and impactful. Whether you're sharing your GIFs on social media platforms or using them for work presentations, adding music and sound effects can help to convey your message and evoke emotions. Our tool also lets you add text and edit the timeline to create a new and engaging animated GIF. Don't settle for boring animated GIFs – create animated masterpieces that truly stand out.

Protect Your Files

We take your file security seriously. Your privacy is guaranteed, and your video and audio files will only be used for the purpose of compiling your video. With our fully automated process, no one has access to your files, ensuring that your data is secure. We comply with US and EU data protection standards to guarantee your utmost security.

Intuitive User Interface

Our user-friendly interface is flexible and easy to use. You can effortlessly adjust the UI to suit your specific file length, and align audio tracks and video tracks without scouring the internet for instructions.

Powerful and Efficient Performance

Our dedicated media servers are designed to process your videos quickly and efficiently. With our high-speed and powerful servers, even the largest video files can be handled with ease.

Online Convenience

Our web-based video editing tool provides a desktop-grade editing experience that is fast, responsive, and compatible with all file formats. You can add music to GIFs online from anywhere, without having to download anything to your computer.

Seamless Editing Experience

We believe video editing should be effortless, not complicated. Our platform is designed with all the features you need to create professional-quality videos. You can seamlessly edit your videos without any hassle.

Wide Range of Audio Options

Our platform includes more than 30 popular codecs and media container formats that have been actively used over the last three decades. This means you can add any music to a GIF, no matter what format it's in. Whether it's MPEG, MP3, WAV, WMV, and more, we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add audio to GIF for free?
You can add audio to GIF for free using our online video editor. Simply select the "Add audio to gif" option. You can then upload your GIF and audio files and adjust the audio settings to customize your result.
What app can I use to add music to GIF?
You can use our video editor to add music to GIFs. This online tool allows you to upload your GIF and audio files and adjust the audio settings to your liking.
Can I add music to a GIF from my phone?
Yes, you can use our video editor to add music to GIF videos from your phone. Simply visit the website on your phone's browser and upload your GIF video and audio files. You can then adjust the audio settings and save your newly edited video to your phone.
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