Crop Instagram Reels

An online tool to crop Instagram Reels


Crop Instagram Reels

Unlock the power of seamless video editing and crop Instagram reels easily with 123apps online tools! Tailored for both beginners and experienced users, this user-friendly platform simplifies the cropping process. Enjoy a hassle-free experience, highlighting simplicity, speed, and security. You can be a social media enthusiast or a casual user, our tool will guarantee an easy navigation and quick results. Start enhancing your Instagram videos effortlessly – it's free, efficient, and designed just for you! Crop Instagram Reels is your go-to solution for creating captivating content.


How to crop videos reels for Instagram?

  1. Upload a Video

    Open our Instagram reel cropper in your browser using any device - PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Easily upload your file or drag and drop it. The upload time typically ranges up to 10 minutes, depending on your file size and internet speed.

  2. Crop Instagram reels to Size

    Activate the Crop tool from the top panel. Select your crop area or use preset aspect ratios like 1:1, 4:3, or 16:9 below the timeline. Our user-friendly tools cater to your specific needs, ensuring precision in every edit.

  3. Choose the Format to Save

    Click the gear icon to select your desired output format - MP4, MKV, or MOV. Opt for what suits your preferences. Click Save, and the encoding process will take a few moments, depending on the fragment length.

  4. Save and You're Done

    Once the encoding is complete, click Save. Your high-quality, watermark-free video is now ready for use. Effortlessly enhance your Instagram Reels with our straightforward crop operation.


Free and Easy

Experience hassle-free editing without hidden costs. Our service is entirely free, but you can access more features in a premium version by paying a small monthly subscription!

Online Convenience

Crop Instagram reels on the go. No need to be tied to your workstation. Use your smartphone for edits without any flagship model restrictions.

Safe and Secure

Our top-notch system security is certified and audited, ensuring the safety of your uploaded data – used solely to provide you with our service.

Fast and Efficient

No learning curve or third-party tool installations. Upload and crop the best areas within seconds. Welcome to the future of video processing.

Fast Conversion

Our hardware-optimized servers handle conversion jobs seamlessly, equipped with hundreds of CPU cores running in parallel for speedy results.

Easy Video Cropping UI

Enjoy a straightforward interface with essential functions. Choose free form or preset area selection, resizing it effortlessly to your desired size. Simplifying video cropping for you.


Is the Instagram reels cropping tool completely free to use?
Yes, our video cropping tool is entirely free to use, with no hidden fees, but you can access more features in a premium version by paying a small monthly subscription.
Can I use the tool on my smartphone or tablet?
Absolutely! Our tool is designed to work seamlessly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
What file sizes does the tool support for free plans?
Our service supports unprecedentedly large files even for free plans, ensuring flexibility for your editing needs. You can edit larger files - up to 4 GB - with the premium plan!
How fast is the video cropping process?
The video cropping process is swift, with no learning curve or third-party tool installations. You can upload and start cropping the best areas in seconds.
How do I Crop Instagram Reels Online?
To crop your Instagram Reels online, use 123apps user-friendly video cropping tool. Upload your video, select the crop area, choose your format, and save – all in just a few simple steps!
How do I Crop Instagram Reels Without a Watermark?
123apps ensures a watermark-free experience. Crop your Instagram Reels effortlessly using our tool, and the edited video will be ready for download without any unwanted watermarks.
Can I Crop Instagram Reels on My Phone?
Cropping Instagram Reels on your phone is a breeze. Access 123apps online video cropping tool through your phone's browser. Upload, crop, choose your format, and save – all from the convenience of your smartphone!
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